We see a future where the world will adapt to our bodies, not our bodies to the world.

Solving size and fit is just the first step to a world adjusted to each of us.


The pursuit of excellence

Our technology fully addresses the size and fit issues in the fashion industry. Years of research and development have shown that the way towards hyperpersonalization is to build solutions which seek excellence in obtaining both human body and apparel measurements.


Obtaining real body measurements in a precise and scalable way.


The perfect size is the result of fitting a unique body into a specific garment.


Finding the ideal body for each garment, without having to measure every garment.


Precision as a service

We obtain body measurements as if we were tailors, without having to ask buyers to measure themselves.

Ease of Use

We extract the most significant measures from statistical user data (age, gender, height and weight) in a private and anonymized way.

We obtain body measurements based on our immense database of body data, which grows daily.

Maximum Accuracy

Thanks to AI and machine learning techniques we can transform body pictures into body measurements.

State of the art deep convolutional neural networks allow us to extract human body dimensions with incomparable precision.

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An industrialization challenge

Every brand is unique, and every measurement is not equally important. Each brand’s exceptional mix of patterns and suppliers results in a total lack of standardization throughout the industry. We address this challenge following a dual strategy: comprehensive sizing data models and the optimization of the data provided by thousands of brands.

Naiz Fit Sizing Models

After a thorough research, detailed specifications and attributes are taken into consideration to build the models which associate measurements to each product and size.

To do this, over 20 measurements of the ideal body behind each garment and size are analyzed.

The Apparel Formula

Developed by our pattern experts, the apparel formula is the mechanism from which each garment’s basic design elements can be inferred.

This procedure empowers our product-by-product approach to its fullest efficiency.

Endless possibilities for your brand

Start solving the size and fit problem.