Our Once upon a time begins with a question: What is my size? 

We bet you had to deal with this at least once in your life (and had no idea of what to answer).

That was our trigger, our fuel to create a lasting impact in the fashion industry and solve size and fit issues once and for all. 

What we see is a perfect world where diversity is celebrated, where every single body and garment is unique and perfect, and so it is treated as such by the fashion industry. 

Our aim is for a fashion industry that adapts to our bodies, and not the other way around.

no shortcuts are allowed.


By bringing together the digital world and its data with the creative art of fashion with its garments, to deliver the next generation of size & fit solutions for every stage of the fashion industry’s value chain. Ecommerce was just the beginning of this journey.

Because fashion is far more than a bunch of measurements, and size shouldn’t define you (nor judge you).


Fashion is way more than a bunch of measurements


We are very proud of our values coz we’ve built them together, and they guide us at every step of the way. Here at Naiz Fit, they are not another cheesy marketing tool; they are embedded in our DNA.

Ask for forgiveness, not for permission

Having the courage to make decisions without fearing failure and the humility to acknowledge one’s own mistakes acting as the mini CEO of your area.

It’s important because 

It empowers us with speed and agility to find the hidden gems in the roughness of crazy ideas. No mistakes, no learning.

Group of different individuals forming a unified whole. Each team member places trust in the others. Spoiler alert: we consider fashion brands as part of our team.

It’s important because

When we work together, we are stronger, we are better.

Minions team

Enjoy the ride

We confront challenges, celebrate victories, accept defeats, and always progress as a team.

It’s important because

Because we believe that individual well-being is linked to performance and productivity, which in turn impact the collective. As social beings, we rely on each other.

We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual so that we are proud of who we are while making the world change and adapt to us, rather than the other way around.

It’s important because

It allows everyone to be memorable for who they are without conforming to society’s standards.

Embrace uniqueness

What’s the meaning behind

Naiz Fit is actually a word game mixing Euskera, our origins, and English.

But here is the thing, Naiz is pronounced as “nice”, and this is our aim, that every garment has a Naiz Fit (nice fit) on you.

  • #YourBodyYourSize
  • #YourBodyYourSize
  • #YourBodyYourSize
  • #YourBodyYourSize
  • #YourBodyYourSize
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  • #YourBodyYourSize
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  • #YourBodyYourSize
  • #YourBodyYourSize

I want to be a part of the Naiz team

We are looking for adventurers like you who wish to join our global expansion and leave a lasting mark in the fashion industry. 

Wanna be part of the change?