Is Unisex and Gender fluid fashion for everyone?

Published On: February 16, 2021

This is not about stealing somebody else’s shirt or jeans.

Get out of your head the typical scene of every” romantic” movie in which the main character appears with the shirt (8 sizes too big) of the love of her life, or the one in which he loses a bet and has to wear a printed dress worthy of grandma’s curtains.

This goes much further.

Pink and skirts for girls and blue and pants for boys have long gone out of fashion, but we still have some habits deeply rooted in our little heads.

In recent years, purely unisex brands have been appearing and more and more designers are flirting with this idea.

The origins

If we are purists on a radical extent, we could say that we can go back in time till cavemen, when there was just one product: a piece of fur covering delicate parts. Even the Romans had very similar tunics for men and women. Some will say that the Renaissance was key, it was when women’s fashion began to deeply dissociate itself from men’s fashion… but, tbh, we could go on discussing for hours.

If we focus on the word itself rather than the concept, we could say that unisex fashion as such appeared at the end of the 60s with the emergence of an international trend that sought to dilute the differences between men and women. Flare cuts for everyone, same sneakers, long hair… Peace!

size recommendation gender fluid fashion

The Fashion liberation

Gender neutral, gender fluid, unisex, genderless… you can choose the one that most resonates with you, but what is sought with this kind of garments is to remove the male and female labels, having the freedom to decide what to wear without further ado.

Why are skirts a taboo for men if the Scots have been wearing Kilt for centuries?

Let’s say that, for once 🤭, women are doing better since we are used to wearing men’s clothes if we like the model, in this case men are the ones having to break some barriers to feel comfortable wearing a skirt or a blouse.

This liberation has been years in the making. It’s neither something new nor is it something fleeting, it’s simply something that is taking hold at its own pace since, apparently, it’s taking a while to break some taboos.

I’m just telling you that in March 2015 Selfridges opened three floors dedicated to gender-neutral fashion. “Just” three floors and back in 2015!

There is an important detail to keep in mind, this is not a liberation movement like the historical revolutions where women dressed as men to claim equality. This is bigger, it is about betting on a fashion that defends the personality and identity of each person beyond their gender.

A designer as renowned as Marc Jacobs believes that:

“Clothes don’t mean anything until someone wears them. It is the individual who gives it its gender”.

Unisex beyond the pattern

Business of Fashion shared recently an article talking about the pontential and importance of Gender-fluid fashion for Gen-Z reflecting changing consumer attitudes that we should definetely look at.

Again, unisex fashion is not about wearing a boy’s sweatshirt if you are a girl or the other way around.

Patterns have to be studied very well so that the final garments look good, but according to Abraham Tabiós, the founder of the unisex brand Made in Barcelona Pitágora, the quality of the fabric is also extremely important in order to provide the garments with the versatility they need to look good on any body.

Does the future of fashion lie in one-size-fits-all and genderless garments?

one size fits all

We shouldn’t put obstacles to fashion, variety is the spice and we don’t believe that fashion should have any kind of limits.

Each body goes beyond fashions or trends. Our body accompanies us throughout our entire life and we are changing, both mentally and physically, and at any given moment we may feel more like one type of garment than another.

Unisex or Gender-fluid fashion is going strong and perhaps the time has come to go for it and help users with a good size recommendation tool ready to give accurate size recommendations for any body, at any moment. Maybe one with a Naiz Community to try garments on real people 😜

Fashion has no limits, it is like a universe full of ideas and possibilities in colors, shapes, patterns and fittings. Don’t limit your collection and dare to give it a unisex touch.

PS: and yes, unisex fashion can be for everyone 😜