More AI and fewer garments in the supply chain “metaverse”.

Published On: February 14, 2023

New season, same old worries… nothing new, my friend.

If Twitter were a bit better, the trending topics this 2023 would be #inflation, #supplychain, #recession. Quite a party.

But, yes, there is always a but, otherwise what a depressing post, right? 🤭 Artificial Intelligence has arrived to give us a breath of fresh air. And yes, it already existed before ChatGPT and Dall-e or NightCafe.

Which is the part of fashion that suffers the most from all the supply chain issues?

Stock and the fine line between how much to order and where to ship it so you don’t go over or under your actual needs.

According to a recent Greenpeace study, 73% of the clothes produced each year are burned or thrown away. Not to mention the 85% of unused fabrics that also end up in landfills.

Yes,  that little big pile of garments (and fabrics) that are hidden among the shelves of warehouses around the world and are waiting for their ticket to the Atacama Desert.

Banishing overstock

AI size recommendation

The dream of remaining without a single garment from the previous season is a utopia. Come on, it’s easier to win the lottery every week. But there are ways to reduce it as much as possible.

To send overstock to exile, we can act at different points in the chain, but today we will focus on what we can do when we have already manufactured the collection.

In the online world there are several tools that you already know and can help you distributing your stock and avoiding returns, have you heard about size recommendation🤭.

But what about the physical world?

AI to the rescue! Yes, Artificial Intelligence is good for more than just decorating your instagram (or linkedin) feed and can help you reduce that overstock by up to 40%.

Do you know what ROIvolution is?

It is the cavalry of Artificial Intelligence, Analyticalways’ balancing tool that is comfortable on the fine line between overstock and stock-outs.

Before, during and after, it will recommend the best solutions so that your production has a welcome home and does not end up banished.

With Pre-Season, In-season and Vendor Management you can stand up to omnichannel stock management.

If you want to know more you can click here, Analyticalways will tell you about it better than me 🤗

What about the fabrics?

AI size recommendation

Nothing is thrown away here.

It’s been years since magic has been done on pattern piece cuts to get the most out of the fabric, but many sizing samples, offcuts and entire fabrications still fall by the wayside.

Well, AI is once again at your disposal. There are programs that allow you to pass your designs directly to an avatar to see how the fabric would look like, where the stress points would be, if the pattern you have works on a body in different sizes…

The fewer samples rectified, the less fabric and/or garments wasted.

But I have a few meters of fabric in the warehouse that are crying out for the desert heat to join their manufacturing buddies… Stop!

Recovo is here to give a second chance to those fabrics, don’t abandon them, give them another chance to become a beautiful garment.

Quite a few alternatives, right?

(No AI tools beyond a wireless keyboard, some biological neurons and a pc have been used to write this blog).