Oversize: don’t be fooled by size

Published On: October 8, 2023

We agree that the name can be misleading, but when you wear an oversize garment it doesn’t have to look like you’re borrowing it.

It is not enough to steal the sweater or pants from your cousin that tall or go to the store and buy the biggest size there is. You can, of course, everyone is free to dress as they want but I assure you that more than going to go to fashion you will go a little … how to put it finely … scarecrow mode.

The oversize has its own size and it is yours whatever it is, no more, no less.

The rappers of the 90’s with those huge jeans and underpants in the air combined with jerseys worthy of NBA players are not exactly an example to follow. That, my friend, is not oversize, it’s oversizing.

What is oversize and how to wear it?

Back in the 1920’s with a somewhat critical world scenario, fashion evolved from restrictive and tight corsets to wide and comfortable garments. Hello oversize, goodbye seam marks on the skin.

Oversize is a trend that has been coming and going since it was born, some people give credit to Giorgio Armani for its creation but, even though we are big fans of Giorgio, this was already coming from before. Let’s say he didn’t invent it, but he undoubtedly contributed to the spread of the trend, from the streets to the catwalks.

This style, like all of them, has its tricks and its “rules”:

  • You can combine more than one oversize garment but don’t overdo it, 2 is the magic number if you don’t want to get lost among your garments.
  • Play with hems on pants and sleeves to give it a cooler roll (if possible).
  • Smooth oversize or with fine prints, no big prints that give more volume to the look and with oversize you already have enough.
  • Do not look for bigger or smaller sizes, yours is the right size, whether oversize, skin fit or loquesea fit.

Pants, sweatshirts, sweaters, T-shirts, crop tops… all garments accept an oversize touch as long as they are well made and the oversize doesn’t get out of hand. How can you forget that Lenny Kravitz scarf?

The perfect combo?

Combine oversize garments with other more fitted garments or mini accessories.

Oh, and oversize is not exclusive to women’s fashion, far from it. Men also have plenty of options.

What is true is that the concerns when deciding whether or not to go for this trend change between men and women. While women are concerned about the volume it may “add”, men may be worried about looking smaller than they really are.

Size does matter

Once again sizing is important, don’t go for an XXL if you normally wear a S because the effect can be disastrous.

Oversize garments are designed for that purpose and the patterns are studied in detail to have that effect while maintaining the logical proportions of any garment. Shoulders have to be on the shoulders and waists where they belong. If you buy a size that is not yours, the sleeves will look disproportionate and the drape of the garment will be a disaster.

Avoid being told, “Wow, that sweater is cute, but it’s a little big on you, isn’t it?”

These three words are the key: Wide is not big.

You can get it right with oversize and, if you decide to add a garment in this style to your collection, you can help your customers to wear oversize with a good size recommendation.

Don’t be fooled, oversize is sized. If you wouldn’t be comfortable with a smaller size, why should you be with a larger one?

Study your patterns, recommend the right size and wear an oversize with style.