What do you need to recommend size&fit in your fashion ecommerce?

Published On: November 11, 2021

There’s no right of admission here that leaves you out of your favorite club. Well, if you don’t have access to the garment it gets complicated because we would leave a part of our essence out. In that case, we will intone the “it’s not me, it’s you”. 😉

The first date

As a good love story, everything starts with a first date.

You tell us about yourself, we tell you about us, the spark is sparked… Maybe we won’t make you breakfast on the first date, but who knows.

After some minimal paperwork, it’s time to get technical and see if you’re Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Google Tag Manager or if you’re unique and we’ll adapt to you.

We’ll love you whatever your platform is.

The product feed

Product feed size recommendation

For a love story to have a solid foundation, it is important to know everything about each other.

Our soul, Naiz Soul, is the algorithm that focuses on the garment. It analyzes the pure essence of each pattern and feeds on your product feed.

It’s very curious, but in order to make your customers smile, we will need details such as:

EIt’s just that we are curious….

To be honest, this is the best gift you can give us. Forget about Single’s Day, Valentine’s Day or St. George’s Day. All this information helps us to group your products in clusters and move to the next level of our relationship.

We all know that falling in love lasts a finite time, a lasting relationship is when soul and mind unite and work together.

The flesh and blood Testers

Our love must be celebrated and shared with the world, in a big way and with many guests, the more the merrier!

It’s time for everyone to meet, magic is in the air when the testers get to know your clothes with Naiz Brain as master of ceremonies.

Soul is in full swing with the product groups and it’s time for Brain to compare the pattern information with the measurements of real people like you and me, no catwalks with only one body type. Long live diversity!

The clothing information is in 2D and settling for passing it to 3D without more generates errors. There are people who do it, we won’t deny it, but not everyone has Soul and Brain.

What do you want more info about our testers community? Click here

And when Brain and Soul are aligned, fireworks are set off.

Let’s start

When you’re in love it’s clear, why wait? Let’s move in together and let the size recommendations begin.

What’s left to do before you hit play?

Customize the look and feel of the tool so that it integrates seamlessly with your website.

Once we have it, we’re ready to throw the launch party.

How long will it take to see the results?

Here we are not about trial and error or asking your clients a thousand questions so that they get bored and look for someone more direct. Here we like to get to the point and you will see changes from day one.

Thanks to the work studying the garments and the bodies that inhabit them, the tool is operational from the first moment and does not need an adaptation period.

Just press Play and the size recommendation party begins.

Why are we telling you all this… and why not?

If you have a product feed that wants to party, don’t hesitate to contact us and he will live happily and eat his partridge together with Brain and Soul.

PS: If you want to see the wedding photo album, have the guest list or have all the details book your blind date with us. We have a lot of love to give and distribute