Transform theoffline experience

Use size to connect customers, products and stores. Start making the most of each visit to your stores.

Spark interest

Use size to personalize communications and bring customers to the closest store.

Make it personal

Help your store associates focus on building relationships, not finding products or sizes.

Adjust it to your store

Connect it to your platforms, no matter your size or tools.

Naiz Fit Smart Catalog

Bring perfect products to each customer in real time

Empower your store associates to give expert fit and style advice and sell more with less stock. 

Help your team focus on building relationships, not spending precious time finding products in the back store.

  • Identify your customer profile with just 3 clicks.
  • Control what is displayed and what is stored.
  • Connect it to your POS, CRM, eCommerce and ERP.
  • Fully compliant with privacy regulations, following our Privacy by Design policies.


Connect the dots

Use size recommendation as the key to connect customers, products and stores.

Backed by over a million correct size recommendations.

Omnichannel is no longer a buzzword

Start using size to connect customers, products and stores.