The Naiz Podcast
The Naiz Podcast
The Naiz Podcast – Chapter 11 – Innovation comes by finding the balance between risk and trust

A podcast to talk about fashion from the inside with a touch of humor and naturalness.

A podcast to talk about fashion from the inside with a little bit of humor and naturalness.

We will bring together the best national and international fashion professionals to get them to talk about the problems they encounter in their daily lives.

Today we talk about #innovation in #fashion with Javier Fernández Poyo and Borja Cembrero, because you need to break some eggs to make an omelette but need to be wise on how and when to do it 🤭

🔸 How being an «anarchist» in a corporate to bring innovation

🔸 The Startup speed vs the corporate procedures 🔸 Importance of being sensitive while applying innovation

🔸 Trusting by doing is my mantra

🔸 How to integrate innovation in corporate

🔸 First rule in innovation = something is gonna fail

🔸 How do you measure success in innovation?

🔸 Desigual’s Awesome Lab

And way more, but you’ll need to hit play to unveil the details 🤗

Naiz seeing you around!

Important, this is not about doing interviews, these are conversations 😉 with its surprises.