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The Naiz Podcast
The Naiz Podcast – Chapter 12 – Circular fashion as a way to face overproduction

A podcast to talk about fashion from the inside with a touch of humor and naturalness.

A podcast to talk about fashion from the inside with a little bit of humor and naturalness.

We will bring together the best national and international fashion professionals to get them to talk about the problems they encounter in their daily lives.

Today we talk about #circulareconomy, fashion and #overproduction with Mercedes García Rivas, cofounder of Ecodicta. Did you know that everything started by reading political reports about #fashion?🤭

🔸 From reports regarding climate change to launch a circular economy business

🔸 How to give a new life to size sets thanks to a monthly rental service

🔸 Alternative to fast fashion by having the chance to enjoy new items without needing to actually buying them

🔸 There is still a lot to do in young generations regarding fashion and sustainability

🔸 Overproduction, the biggest issue in fashion.

🔸 Wardrobe (product portfolio) build on consumers data

🔸 The experience in retail

Oh, and in the end, they give us their nominee for us to invite them to speak out on The Naiz Podcast. If you are too impatient and can’t wait, they reveal it in the last minute of the episode.

Important note, this is not about conducting interviews, it’s about having conversations 😉 with surprises.