The Naiz Podcast
The Naiz Podcast
The Naiz Podcast – Chapter 13 – How to compete with Amazon and suceed with Javier Dolcet

A podcast to talk about fashion from the inside with a touch of humor and naturalness.

A podcast to talk about fashion from the inside with a little bit of humor and naturalness.

We will bring together the best national and international fashion professionals to get them to talk about the problems they encounter in their daily lives.

Today we talk about #operations, #logistics and #returns with Javier Dolcet, CEO and Co-founder at Dawa and former Head of Operations at Mercado Libre. Did you know that the only difference between me and a madman, is that I am not mad? 🤭

🔸 Mercado Libre: a tech company that happens to sell products

🔸 How to handle the creation of Mercado Libre fulfillment from scratch

🔸 More penetration ecommerce has in a country, higher are the returns.

🔸 Returns are not only a problem, they are a part of the sales cycle.

🔸 What’s harder reverse logistics or product reconditioning?

🔸 Charging for returns, yes or no? Coffee for everyone doesn’t works

🔸 Resell returns creating a 8% of the revenue injecting EBITDA

And way more interesting topics and curosities, but you’ll need to hit play to unveil the details 🤗

Naiz seeing you around!

Important, this is not about doing interviews, these are conversations 😉 with its surprises.