The best solution to measure employees

Give your employees the perfect size to reduce costs and start optimizing your company’s clothing supply.


Adjusted to any company size, supply system and apparel type.


Automatic measuring process to help you reduce costs.


Proven technology, tested in millions of garments and bodies.

Naiz Fit Workforce: Campaign Manager

Optimize your clothing campaigns without effort

Control the entire process in real time and start saving costs.

  • Collect measurements remotely without investing costly resources.
  • Control real time measurement campaign completion and order deployment.
  • Connect it to your extranet or e-commerce and integrate it with your ERP.
  • Create products that fit your employees’ body better through real anthropometric data.
  • Fully compliant with privacy regulations, following our Privacy by Design policies.

Naiz Fit Workforce: Measuring Employees

The flexibility your employees look for

Use the most precise measuring technology to collect employee measurements anytime and anywhere.

Empower your employees to find the perfect size on their own terms and keep track of clothing orders.

  • On-demand remote measuring process.
  • Full apparel catalog coverage.
  • Automatic body measurement-size matching.
  • Available on any device: mobile, desktop or tablet.
  • Sizing evolution and clothing order track.
  • Measurements update reminders.
  • Securely stored data.

Catalog Service

Not sure about the right clothing measurements?

We have your back. Our Brand Managers will help you create the correct size and fit database to unleash the value of this information.

Give your employees the perfect size

Stop measuring your employees the old way. Start reducing costs.