The Naiz Podcast
The Naiz Podcast
The Naiz Podcast - Chapter 6 - Gionata Galdenzi, strategy and internationalization in luxury brands

A podcast to talk about fashion from the inside with a touch of humor and naturalness.

We will bring together the best professionals in national and international fashion to get them blushing and to get them to speak up about the problems they encounter in their day-to-day lives.

Today we talk to Gionata Galdenzi, Ecommerce Manager of Aeffe Group

🔸 Customer experience in the luxury fashion segment

🔸 Fluid stock and omnichannel

🔸 Conversion rate in fashion ecommerce

🔸 The differences between branding and marketing

🔸 The power that people have to change the rules of the game

🔸 Whose future is it in fashion?

Oh, and at the end, Gionata gives us his nomination so we can invite him to speak up on The Naiz Podcast. If you’re very impatient and can’t wait, he reveals it in the last minute of the episode.

Important note, this is not about conducting interviews, they are conversations 😉 with surprises.