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The Naiz Podcast - Chapter 5 - Rubén Bastón, how to sell online (without going crazy)

A podcast to talk about fashion from the inside with a touch of humor and naturalness.

This is a podcast to talk about fashion from the inside (or almost) with a touch of humor and naturalness.

We will gather the best professionals to put them on the spot and get them to talk about the problems they encounter in their day-to-day or how to solve little things in the online fashion world.

And what better way to uncover the purest part of Marketing and communication than having Rubén Bastón here, the director of Marketing4ecommerce, podcaster, bagpiper, and many more things ☺

🔸 How to have an online store that sells

🔸 The hidden differences between online traffic and traffic in physical stores

🔸 Hype or Mainstream? The importance of thinking through a strategy in the virtual world

🔸 The circle of connection with your customers

🔸 Repeat Purchase Rate

🔸 How to choose the digital solution that fits you best

Oh, and in the end, Rubén gives us his nominee for us to invite him to speak on The Naiz Podcast. If you’re very impatient and can’t wait, he reveals it in the last minute of the episode.

Important note, this is not about conducting interviews, these are conversations 😉 with surprises, laughter, and naturalness.