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Unify your inspiration with data extracted from customer try ons to take action. See your collection through your customer’s eyes to design collections with the perfect fit.

Get to know your customers through their body types and fit preferences

Inconsistent sizing can lead to customer confusion, not to say returns and unsold garments. 

Smart Catalogue is about understanding your customers like no one else gathering meaningful insights to make informed decisions.

Market Size Stability

Size consistency isn’t just about measurements; it’s about seizing control. Understand how your brand’s fit compares to others in the market, your customers will be grateful.

Collection Size Stability

Discover and address sizing issues by gaining insights into how your products fit different body types. Are you up for a consistent fit across your entire collection?

Size Set Validation

Is your size set lacking some sizes up or down the grid? Use real data to see how your sizes fit different body morphologies, you might find surprises along the way.

Insights for strategic decisions

Real customer centric collections using data to adjust productions and distribution according to your actual customer needs. Don’t use partial data such as last season sales, ask for the whole package.

Fuel inspiration with the power of data and design collections with the perfect fit

That’s so cool, but… how we do it? 

By testing your collection in a focus group matching your target audience to understand how your garments fit different body types.


The Naiz Garment Labs

Dedicated Hubs for garment testing where our Brand Managers run tests on a daily basis.

Your Stores

Engage testers in an immersive experience using your chain of stores as fitting labs.

Your Headquarters

We bring the focus group where collections are born, straight to your HQ or the facilities you prefer.

By collecting all the details using AI and creating reports ready to take action.

Our fashion specialists create curated reports with test results, organize the information and take conclusions taking into account your specific challenges.

From design to marketing, everyone can make the most of the results in a Customized Dashboard with technical data and images showcasing how garments fit different body types.  

Let’s build together the future of fashion where every design decision is backed by real-world insights. A future where the garment adapts to our bodies, and not the other way around.

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